2nd Meeting Summary (25/01/17) Hiragana and Japanese Syllabaries

2nd Meeting Summary (Hiragana and Japanese Syllabaries)

We spent a whole session on hiragana, and learnt a grand total of five kana, or the vowel column. At this rate, after nine weeks we will have learnt them all! I was actually quite impressed with what people remembered – until I found out about the cheat sheets, you two. No, I’m still proud, especially since most people there had never learnt anything like it before. And I like my ‘u’ mnemonic, even if you instantly came up with more obvious ones, like the fact that it actually looks like a sideways u. As for the syllabaries, I think I might have caused more confusion than explanation – but hopefully you’ll remember something?

Here’s a link to the PowerPoint: Hiragana and Syllabaries

The consensus is to alternate sessions on hiragana and culture, so next week we’ll be looking at … Studio Ghibli! Sadly, it’ll just be learning about it, watching some is saved for the end of term sessions.

The matcha Pocky went down well better than the Kitkats, or maybe people were just braver. Only one person hated it! I wonder if we’ll ever find anything that everyone likes? I’m just bringing vegetable sushi, or やさいすし in hiragana, (you can read one of those now), and hoping my luck will be better.

The thank you (ありがとう) and goodbye (さようなら) in Japanese were amazing – as was being joined by a new member!

Until next week!

1st Meeting Summary (18/1/18)

1st Meeting Summary (18/1/18)


Who else was terrified about the first session of JapanSoc? Well, probably no one else because I was the only one presenting it.

Today’s topic was Introductions and New Year, so we looked at how to say what your name is in Japanese, and then went into how the New Year is celebrated in Japan. This included the date of the New Year, traditional food (osechi-ryouri, 御節料理), kagami-mochi (鏡餅), bell ringing, and  the obligatory tangent off into the Meiji Restoration. And of course, the… unusually flavoured Japanese KitKats mustn’t be forgotten, although for some reason all the members do seem to be terrified of them…

Here’s a link to the slides is here for anyone who would like them:   https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1wkhNZTY5q-rwEtr4ahvUklQP0g_06f6-M40X93tmzUg/edit?usp=sharing

Never mind, I’ll bring something less strange next week. (Matcha Pocky, anyone?) Following opinions from the people who came we’ll be looking at hiragana next week!

The first session had upsides, and downsides. It didn’t go too badly and I think everyone learnt something, but then again I had to track down most of the members, my PowerPoint was far too long and Miss Hopper probably thinks I am the only person who was there. On the bright side, it can only improve from here!

Thank you to James for organising websites for the societies. (No, I wasn’t told to say that.)

Let’s hope this isn’t too informal.