4th Meeting Summary: K Hiragana Column and Dakuten (22/02/18)

(Sorry this is a tad late, blame exams. And, as according to James no one looks at the societies’ websites, I have no one to apologise to!)

This was our most successful meeting thus far! Everyone remembered the new hiragana and we also had a new member, who should definitely continue to come here instead of Compter Science Soc.

In regards to the food, we had soy-sauce flavoured rice cakes with seaweed, (because I’m on Lent and didn’t want to miss out), which all but one person liked, and they were particularly popular in my next Maths lesson… (I am expecting to see you two boys here now.)

There was the usual wealth of stupid mnemonics, and sadly no one else liked my favourite, but Pakuman, and the key worked especially well. No one had any difficultly with ke, despite all the useless mnemonics there are for it – honestly, how does け look anything like a Celt? And there were surprisingly few groans for the かき trousers joke! You found almost all of the k hiragana in the Murakami page I put on, with the exception of the か, but I’ll blame that on the bad projection. And there weren’t even any cheat sheets this time!

No one had any problems with the dakuten, and we even finished before the end of break. So, all in all, it was marvellous. Thanks everyone!

See you next time for the Hina Matsuri!

You can view the powerpoint here: K Column and Dakuten