7th Meeting: Princess Mononoke! (29/3/18)

As it’s the last session of term, we celebrated by watching as much of Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫, Mononoke-hime) as we could! This consisted of the start, then a skip to the forest spirits, and then to the ending (because I misunderstood what Ella meant by transformation). Everyone enjoyed it, even if someone had to compare a dead big to her sister, and it was actually our busiest meeting so far.

(I swear it’s a PG.)

There were melon-bread flavoured biscuits, yes, melon-bread flavoured biscuits because we like confusing people and can’t exactly eat fresh meron pan. Although I have no clue what anyone actually thought about them, the whole packet was eaten, bar the one I’m saving for myself until the end of Lent, which suggests they were nice.

Biscuits, Ghibli, the chance to hear some actual Japanese (with subtitles in English), and loads of people – the best meeting yet!

Happy Easter (復活祭/イースター) everyone!

See you the first week back for honorifics and mochi.

(this is real meronpan for anyone who was wondering)