6th Meeting Summary: Personal Pronouns (15/3/18)

After a week’s absence, JapanSoc returned with a session on personal pronouns. Whilst not one of the more … crowded meetings, that didn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable. We looked at all that current personal pronouns that are used, from the omnipresent watashi, to common regional variations, to slang used by young women.  We even featured antiquated versions since they are still commonly used in anime and manga, by ninja, samurai, or daimyō.

This was far from as serious as it sounds, as I meant about I could ramble on about the pronouns used by fictional characters, to Light’s ‘boku ぼく’ and Sebastian’s ‘watashi わたし’, to the ‘ora おら’ in Dragon Ball. Bowser (from Mario Bros) even uses  ‘wagahai’ an archaic version that was used by men of high class.

And then there’s how pets ‘use’ oira, because, well, why not?

The food was matcha pocky, but that didn’t even get opened. Maybe was talk was so inspiring, or maybe it was simply that everyone there was either on Lent or didn’t like yoghurt.

As always, here’s the Powerpoint: Personal Pronouns

JapanSoc won’t be on next week because I’m very regretfully going to Scarborough, but I’ll see you in two weeks for or last meeting of term – complete with a Ghibli film, and meronpan biscuits!