Treating Cancer Presentation

Today in BioSoc, I did a presentation about cancer, and why we have not found ‘the cure’ to cancer yet. In short, its because its not about one cure to cancer, its about finding a cure for every single type of cancer. This is difficult because every tumour has followed a different genetic path, and is caused by a different […]

Embryogenesis presentation

On the 28/03 BioSoc presented its first talk about embryogenesis. To begin, an overview about the make up of an embryo was given, followed by the detailed process of early development including cleavage and blastulation. We covered development right from the embryo to the three germ layers, how they developed, and what they differentiated into. To conclude, we went over […]

STEM Dinner

BioSoc had the privilege of doing a small speech at the annual Sir William Borlase Grammar School STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) dinner. We spoke briefly about what we have covered in the society thus far, then moved on to talk about our plans for the future of the society (including another, larger dissection We thank all those involved in making […]

Alcohol’s effects on the body

This Wednesday in BioSoc, we explored the effect of alcohol on our bodies. We started by investigating the brain and ‘drunkness’, delving into the neurotransmitters GABA and glutamate. We proceeded to talk about neuron inhibition, and how GABA inhibits and therefore slows neural communications. We concluded by watching a short video demonstrating the effect of alcohol on the liver. Next […]

Rat Dissection Complete

This Wednesday during BioSoc, the rat underwent it’s final (and most intricate) stage of dissection. We looked at the intestines, the heart, the liver, and finally the brain. Pictures of this can be seen in the BioSoc photo-gallery, though this is not for the faint-hearted! Next time (after half-term) we will be back to normal with a rat-free presentation- so […]

Rat Dissection (stage 1 of 3)

The first session of rat dissection is complete, and went very well indeed. This entailed firstly the careful incision into the rat, followed by the detailed exploration of the digestive system. Next week we will be separating apart the organs, with a particular focus on the intestines, and possibly getting started on the brain! If you want to come along, […]