Why should you attend Computer Science Society?

The Internet

The Internet was created by some early Computer Scientists called Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee. Without them your entire digital life could not exist and everything you love about the Internet would not be a reality. Imagine the horror of the world without Snapchat or Instagram.


C.A.K.E. stands for Computer and Kernel Engineering and was an early prototype name for this society. However, we thought that it wouldn't look that good on our UCAS forms so we decided against it. That's not saying we don't have cake every week though.


Computer Scientists or Computer Engineers are the job roles that need to be filled in the future. This means that they have some of the highest entry salaries of any recent university graduate. Now you need to ask yourself, do you want to be earning the big bucks?

The Leaders

James Breedon

James Breedon

Syd Lambert

Syd Lambert


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L5 (Mr Win's Room) - Every Thursday Break

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