Visit from Henry Cooke

Yesterday, EngSoc hosted Henry Cooke to give a presentation on his thrilling work.
Henry is an ex-Borlasian, who studied a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Nottingham, before work experience with Sellafield. Sellafield deal with nuclear power stations.
However, now, he has embarked on a new journey with the charity ‘Engineers Without Borders’.Henry will fly out to work with the partner company ‘Prakti’ to provide low emission, high efficiency cookstoves to women and children in rural Southern India. This should help decrease respiratory problems associated with cooking on an open fire. Despite the simplistic design, a great challenge is keeping the cost under the purchasing power of women in these areas (about £10).
Additionally, Henry offered his advice on career paths and encouragement via inspirational quotes.
We look forward to hearing from Henry!

-Sara 😊