Why MedSoc is beneficial for you

MedSoc provides many opportunities for the students in Year 11-13, and there are many reasons for why you should come.


Come and learn about fascinating areas of Medicine that we talk and discuss in our meetings.


Develop yourself as a person by joining in our discussions and debates. Improve your speaking skills by presenting to the society on a topic that you are passionate about.


Come at talk to older students that have already experienced part of the tough application process, and receive help and support from them!

Medicine Society

Medicine Society (MedSoc) is a society that has been established for students who aspire to study Medicine or a Medicine-related course at university. It is primarily aimed at these students, but anyone else who has an interest in Medicine is more than welcome to come and join in! There is always someone presenting every week – a leader, a student or a guest speaker – and these always prove to be fascinating, covering all areas of Medicine. We welcome all SWBGS students into the society (especially Year 11!) and there is always the added bonus of cake. MedSoc has been run by Aman Sharif, Alex Rowlands, Charlie Brockwell and Toby Hill since January 2018.

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Latest News

Check out the ‘What’s Happening’ page to see what happened at previous meetings – and what’s coming up! Come along and say Hi on a Monday Breaktime! M6U

Come to MedSoc!

What's going on at MedSoc?

What happened last week at MedSoc, and what's happening next week?

Come along to MedSoc!

Send an email to Aman, Alex, Charlie or Toby if you have any queries!

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