All 4 of our leaders are Year 12 students who are passionate about Medicine and find the medical world fascinating. Find out more about them below;

Toby Hill

Toby is studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths at A Level, and hopes to study Medicine at the University of St Andrews, Edinburgh, Birmingham or Bristol – or Biomedical Sciences. Specialises in Gene Therapy.

Charlie Brockwell

Passionate about medicine from an early age, Charlie is relishing his time at Borlase before he tries to embark on his medical journey. Charlie believes strongly in the power of external speakers to give an insight about life as a doctor. Fortunately, we’ve already had three speakers this term, here’s to many more! He specialises in Dyspraxia.

Aman Sharif

Aman is an ambitious member of MedSoc, as he runs Economics Society as well as MedSoc. Future head boy….. there really is nothing that Aman cannot do. Specialises in Economics.

Alex Rowlands

The more organised of the 4 members, Alex makes sure that MedSoc runs smoothly. She really is the glue of the society.