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Chirped Pulse Amplification

2018-10-09 The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics went to Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland (the first female physics laureate for 55 years!) for their work on chirped pulse amplification – more on that below – and Read more…


Pendula Galore!

2018-10-02 The inconvenient date notwithstanding, we finished our September to Remember with some real physics, demonstrated using pendulums. Lots of pendulums. Our thanks to the physics department for putting up with us borrowing so many Read more…


Heading to The Stars

2018-09-25 To commemorate our fantastic year as PhySoc leaders, and continuing our September to Remember, Alexander and Max designed and constructed a wondrous machine: a (bottle) rocket! This they would send to the stars, or Read more…

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